Release notes for IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 V4.20.1

Updated: 2008-12-11 [ILOF]
Archived: $Revision: 4946 $

These are the release notes for the complete product package. Here you will find links to individual release note files for each component, such as compiler, linker etc. It is highly recommended that you read these files as they contain information about new features, program corrections, known problems and other information issued after release of the user guides.

The date format used throughout these files is: YYYY-MM-DD.



Important information

Product packages

The following product packages are available:

Installation and license activation

Information about individual components

     MSP430.DLL   V2.3.4.2    TI MSP430 low level driver
     JLink430.DLL V2.1.1.0    J-Link low level driver
     LICMAN       V1.29.0     IAR License manager
     SSD          V7.4.2      Dongle Driver
     UBROF        10          Object format version


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