Technical Note 47884

Build from the command line

EW targets: All
EW component: C/C++ compiler
Keywords: Makefile
Last update: March 21, 2013

This Technical Note might be helpful if you are looking for way to build your project outside the Embedded Workbench.

The alternatives below are exemplified for Embedded Workbench for ARM (EWARM), but can be easily be modified for another EW target.

Alternative 1 - run IarBuild.exe from the command line

If you have a project file named test.ewp with a configuration named Debug , the following command line can be used to build the project:

(EWARM installation)\common\bin\IarBuild.exe test.ewp Debug

Note: run IarBuild.exe without parameters to get Usage information

To re-build use the following command line (extended with an option to get logging of all compiler messages):

(EWARM installation)\common\bin\IarBuild.exe test.ewp -build Debug -log all

... which corresponds to ...

(EWARM installation)\common\bin\IarBuild.exe test.ewp -clean Debug -log all
(EWARM installation)\common\bin\IarBuild.exe test.ewp -make Debug -log all

Alternative 2 - run compiler and linker from the command line

You can run all .exe files in the (EWARM installation)\arm\bin folder from the command line. Run each of them, e.g. iccarm.exe, without parameters to get a list of available command line options.

You can make a .bat file that compiles each source file one-by-one if you know the command line parameters.

To see the command line parameters, enable the option IAR Embedded Workbench IDE > Tools > Options... > IDE Options > Messages > Show build messages > select 'All'.

To make a .bat file compiling one source file, enter the full path to iccarm.exe followed by the parameters (copy from the build window) using the format:

(EWARM installation)\arm\bin\iccarm.exe <source-file> <options>

When you get the command line working for one source file, you can add more command lines for the remaining source files.

If you want to invoke ilinkarm too, you can use the option -f <file> , for example

(EWARM installation)\arm\bin\ilinkarm.exe -f options.xcl

and in the file options.xcl put all the parameters from the build window (put the parameters on separate lines).

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