Technical Note 64346

IAR Embedded Workbench running on 'Windows 7' (and/or 64-bit)

EW targets: All
EW component: General issues
Keywords: BDM debugger, dongle, driver, emulation, emulator, FET, J-Link, JTAG, Migration, upgrade, Windows, Windows7, Vista
Last update: March 3, 2014

(This tech note was updated several times, originally created 2010-05-18.)

Does my version(s) support Windows 7

Yes, it probably supports Windows 7. IAR has released many versions since introduction of Windows 7, so if you use the latest EW-version it should support Windows 7.

How do I check this?

Look in your EW-installation.

Open the directory <EW-target>\doc\infocenter\ .

Open the file "installation.html" .

Read the list of supported Windows Systems.

Old version(s) that don't support Windows 7

Primary suggestion
Keep an old computer (with working EW-installation and old Windows System) and only perform maintenance work on old projects on this old computer.

All present/new projects should be developed om EW-versions that supports Windows 7.

Known problems - If trying to combine old EW-version with Windows 7
The reported problems comes mainly from hardware drivers.

The dongle drivers and the IAR License Manager from older versions will not work correct on Windows 7.

Most hardware debuggers was not compatible with Windows 7 (especially the 64-bit variant) when the OS was released. This has improved over the time. IAR Systems release patches when updated hardware debugger drivers are available from the manufacturers.


When using older versions (with no support for Windows Vista) we anticipate the GUI to work (at least when running in a 'compatible mode to older Windows versions').

The most probable area for problems is in the use of hardware debugger probes, due to driver incompatibilities.

The older the version the lesser chance that it will work in 'Windows 7'.

Suggested installation sequence for old version on a Windows 7 computer

Install the old version you are want to use.

Uninstall the old dongle driver, Please note: The old dongle driver must be removed. Remove the old driver in the Windows Add/Remove Programs system tool.

Install the present dongle driver from the tech note 62867 , through the link to the right.

Replace the IAR License Manager application with the present version from the tech note 14255 , through the link to the right.

Fetch a Windows 7 driver for your hardware debugger. Go to the manufacturers' home page.

Install the Windows 7 driver for your hardware debugger.

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