Technical Note 71017

Copy protection problems when using Windows Vista (modern IAR product)

EW targets: All
EW component: LMS / Copy Protection
Last update: November 7, 2008


The Dongle for the EW isn't detected on the PC which runs with the Windows Vista.


The dongle driver must be of version 7.4.0 (or later) on a PC with Windows Vista.

This Tech Note applies to...

...EW products using SafeNet SuperPro (a.k.a. Sentinel, Rainbow) hardware locks. There are two types of these "dongles":

Yellow or gray "PP-dongles" that must be connected to the parallel port (PP).

Black or yellow "USB-dongles" that must be connected to a USB port.


Download and install the latest IAR License Manager from the tech Note 14255. Follow the link "IAR License Manager" at the right.

Update the dongle driver by using the procedure in the tech Note 62867. The link is "No valid license found for this product" to the right.

Any trouble shooting is done with help of the Tech Note 62867.

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